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Nutriblend Package

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NutriBlend Choco Mix

The Choco drink is witness to the benefits gained when an everyday beverage is transformed into an important part of a person’s daily intake of nutrition. This 6-in-one mixture brings together agaricus blazei murill, known for its ability to strengthen the body against the advancement of cancer cells due to its beta glucan content; amino acids and fibre which serve as promoters of healthy digestive systems as well as good organ and cellular function.


NutriBlend Coffee Mix

Sourced from the best quality coffee beans grown on the lands of the pearl of the orient, the 6-in-one coffee drink offers a wide range of health benefits particularly in lowering the risk of developing dreaded diseases such as alzheimer’s and parkinson’s diseases, colon cancer and diabetes. This is especially so when consuming four to five cups of coffee daily. Additional observed benefits include improvement in cognitive functions, the prevention of cavities and constipation and a boost in mood. Having been combined with amino acids and the very powerful agaricus blazei murill, this 6-in-one blend has even more benefits to boast of – increased capacity to fight against the development of cancer, ability to aid in the reduction of blood glucose and cholesterol levels and promote the repair and growth of muscles, tissues, organs, hair, skin and glands.


NutriBlend Green Tea

The practice of preparing tea leaves to produce green tea beverage is an ancient-old tradition originating in the region of East Asia. Its cultivation has been done for its enjoyment as a drink but also for its numerous medicinal properties. Today, it has been prepared in powder form but provides the same nutritional value. It is known first and foremost for its antioxidant quality, but is also popularly known for its weight management related feature as green tea extract is said to increase the metabolism without increasing the heart rate. In addition to being a soothing drink, green tea is valued for boosting energy and for its positive effects on the skin particularly for acne and eczema incidences. Taken cold or hot, green tea beverage is definitely one product that is pleasurable to the taste, bodily experience and healthy well-being.


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